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The Toy Booth –ABOUT US

As the world has plunged into a grave lockdown; our company delivers our commodities to satisfy and occupy our consumers. During a time of increased risk, we serve to provide items such as toys, board games and outdoor activity items. As people around the world must stay home our company guarantees that a myriad of our products can entertain and provide frolic times for the family.  Therefore, we are willing to bring to you our quality output. Furthermore, our stock is insured to have been checked and thoroughly scrutinized to supply safety. Wellbeing and contentment are in our DNA, so we introduce to you our elite items!

Rising temperatures mean outdoor products will come into favor through our patron’s eyes. Products such as: Inflatables, drones, educational toys and many more will be available to all within a few clicks.

At The Toy Boothwe have a set of ideals we follow to be the cream of the crop.   Our positive values in order to satisfy and fulfill are:

A relaxed and productive atmosphere: so our product reaches to you in our guaranteed time period with the help of an open and honest communication network introduced on our web base.

Co-ordination and flexibility: to establish and safeguard a connection with you to optimize output and minimize travel time.

Safety: we understand that the world is going through a time of uncertainty and hardship so in order to cease worries we promise to deliver protected and secure goods. Checkups and scans are frequently compassed for our clients.

Our enterprise originates from the heart of America ; New York. Our founder  ensures “Our products and their qualities will be maximized and tested for comfort and utmost satisfaction”.


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